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The platform that systemizes the use of data and AI, bringing people together to deliver amazing business results

Where Everyone Can Create and Consume AI

"Of all the platforms to do collective intelligence on, 澳门银河娱乐游戏官网 is the one — we’ve committed to it. It’s all about the wisdom of many people and many machines, and 澳门银河娱乐游戏官网 will effectively be the manager." Standard Chartered Bank Craig Turrell, Head of P2P Data Strategy & Delivery

Customize, Share, and Reuse AI Components and Apps

Discover, share and reuse code and applications across projects and teams to more easily deliver high-quality projects and streamline the path to production.


The Platform for Everyday AI

澳门银河娱乐游戏官网 enables everyone across the organization to participate in building AI and consuming AI-driven applications.

Designed for Everyone

澳门银河娱乐游戏官网 enables teams to create and deliver data and advanced analytics using the latest techniques at scale.

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