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澳门银河娱乐游戏官网 Online

The fully managed data science and machine learning platform for your team to create AI and analytics insights.

Built for the Modern Cloud Data Stack

Take advantage of the agility of modern cloud platforms to create insights and predictions to drive your business to the next level, including built-in data connectors and prebuilt integrations with Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and more.

Everything You Need in One Place

澳门银河娱乐游戏官网 Online connects to your data and includes easy-to-use visual data preparation, automated machine learning (AutoML), and integrated reporting and visualization dashboards for your business — all in one place.

Online Learning and Support to Ramp up Quickly

Easy onboarding for any user, with free, self-paced courses from 澳门银河娱乐游戏官网 Academy and online support from the 澳门银河娱乐游戏官网 Community of over 15,000 users.

We Handle the Admin and Upgrades

Never worry about servers, administration, or upgrades. 澳门银河娱乐游戏官网 handles everything, so you can do more with analytics and AI for your business.

Pricing and Packages Designed for You

澳门银河娱乐游戏官网 Online is accessible for everyone, with plans and pricing designed for teams and smaller organizations, including startups.

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